"But he's so shy, it'd be a lot easier for all of us if I just asked him."

Vanesse to her brother about Jan.

Vanesse Burilia
The sweet little girl with a crush on the local witchdoctor
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 20
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Skin Light
Magic Color Spring Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Waitress
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Paolin & Korus(brothers),
Blitz & Credenza(adopted-siblings), Jan(crush)
First Appearance Book 1, page 7

Vanesse Burilia is the youngest Burilia sibling. She works as a waitress at The Talking Skull Inn on Ruin Island. She is a childhood friend of Credenza's, and has a crush on the local witchdoctor Jan.


When she was a kid, she moved to Ruin Island with her two older brothers; Paolin and Korus. Not long after that, Credenza washed ashore, and she was adopted into their family. She grew up with Credenza and the local kid Jan, eventually developing a crush on him. Until the events of the comic, Vanesse was Credenza's only female friend, and thus was a very important person in her life.


Vanesse is cheerful and optimistic. She may seem a little ditzy, but she thinks straight and is very observant to her friends' emotions. She dislikes blood.


Vanesse is not known to have any powers, but is a capable sewer, as she made Blitz's eye patch and coat.



  • Spirit: A flowery vine covered by snails.
    • Her soul takes this shape to represent slow but steady growth.