Hey-oh there! I found Archipelago earlier this year and have sense re-read it almost 3 times. Upon finding out it had a wiki, I knew I had to find a way to help; I've worked on multiple webcomic wikis in the past(check out the Housepets! Wiki for my work). I decided to help by making some infoboxes, as I saw the wiki was using the generic infobox style. Here are my two infobox proposals, one for good characters/neutral, and one for antagonists. If y'all like them, I can start adding them to pages.


Credenza Black
Credenza black by thesilvertophat-d53avsm
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Skin Light
Magic Color Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Waitress
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Blitz(adopted brother), Raven,
Paolin, Korus, Vanesse(adopted-siblings),
Tuff & Riley Luck,
Tin-Can, Alice, Kor, Uru
Kada & Theo(parents, deceased)
First Appearance Book 1, page 2
Captain Snow
Profile Snow
Species Human/Cyborg
Gender Male
Age n/a
Hair White
Eyes Light Blue
Skin Pale
Magic Color Red
Alignment The Raven
Occupation Former-pirate, General of the Ravens
Home Island N/a
Affiliation Lucinda, Snow,
Han, Kurr, Vaniji, Steller,
Noemi(wife), Yulalia(daughter)
Unnamed Mother(deceased)
First Appearance Book 1, page 58

What do you guys think? If you feel anything is missing, I can easily add it.

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