"My sharky senses are picking up some bad mojo around this place."

—Tuff sensing the Shadowmandyr Queen.

Tuff Luck
Species Half-sharkman, Half-human
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Skin Light
Magic Color Blue
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Wanderer
Home Island Quillotia
Friends & Family Riley(brother), Mikel(cousin),
Credenza, Blitz, Raven,
The Listing of Names, Cassie
First Appearance Book 2, page 68

Tuff Luck, the older Luck twin by five minutes. He is cautious, thoughtful, and a lover of books. Of the two brothers he has the most problem with being half-were-shark.


The Luck twins were born in Quillotia, the relatives of royalty. Their mother, Helena, was the sister of the Quillotian queen, and well-loved by both her and her husband, King Sabastian Fandango. Because they were both so fond of her, the king overlooked Helena's friendship with--and eventual marriage to--a were-shark, a man from one of the most feared races in all the Archipelago.

A few months after Helena became pregnant, her husband disappeared, and the Quillotian people turned on her and her unborn children, fearing that Helena's connection to the royal family might mean her half-were-shark sons might someday be eligible for the throne.

Seeking both to protect his sister-in-law and address his people's fears, King Sabastian Fandango declared that Helena's children were to be members of his own family, and that they would receive every privilege that entailed. However, they would never be considered eligible for the throne or any other royal position. And so the twins grew up among royalty in the Quillotian court.

Despite having the protection of the king, however, the twins were still hated and feared by many people because of their father's race. In Riley's words:

"Sharkmen and Quillotians have always been at war, for one reason or another. Half-bloods like Tuff and I aren't simply embarassments. We're seen as monsters!"[1]

Eventually Tuff couldn't take the hatred anymore. He decided to run away on his own, but Riley found out and joined him. Together, they stole a submarine and began a life of drifting from one place to the next, with no particular destination in mind. They've been running ever since.


Tuff is almost the complete opposite of his brother.


  • Reading - He is one of those chosen to be able to read The Listing of Names
  • "Sharky" Senses - Tuff can instinctively tell when danger is approaching.
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  • Shifting - Thanks to Dragonfly, Tuff has the ability to shift fully into a were shark form.



  • Spirit: Koi fish.
    • Along with his brother's spirit, they form a yin-yang like symbol.
  • Tuff is the first male Reader of the Listing of Names (mainly due to the book having only had females to choose from.)
  • The Luck twins have matching tattoos of the crest of Quillotia. Tuff's is on his left upper arm.
  • The story of Tuff and Riley's birth is detailed in a mural at Castle Fandango.