The Arm of Dragonfly was originally created as a weapon to help fight the Raven, but has since fallen under the control of Captain Adrian Snow.


The gauntlet was a result of the efforts of Olivia the code mage and the gifts of the six original heirs:

  • Olivia created the code that would bind the heir's power together.
  • Little Twin Fish used his skill to craft the physical form of the arm. (Descendant: Tin-Can Turtle)
  • Grom Pintur gave the arm "incredible strength." (Descendant: Alice Pintur)
  • Lady Itaria gave it her healing powers. (Descendant: Uru Tan)
  • Ausalius gave the gift of dreamwalking. (Descendant: Paollo Majestan)
  • Icarus gave two powers: teleportation and the ability to give temporary life to inorganic matter. (Descendant: Clair Solair)
  • Chalchiu gave it the ability to channel souls. (Descendant: Kor Huitzilopochtli)

Unfortunately, it eventually fell into the hands of the Raven's supporters, namely Captain Snow, who has apparently been wielding the arm since his return from the dead some time before the beginning of Archipelago. The arm appears to have no loyalties to either side, and functions perfectly well for Snow.

The arm also apparently exists both in the dream world and in the physical one. According to Olivia, it must be destroyed in both worlds at the same time in order for its connection to be completely severed from Snow. Otherwise, it will simply teleport back to him, as it has done in the past.


The arm gives its wearer the abilities of the six heirs. However, these gifts do not seem to be at their full power unless the soul of the heir in question is also contained within the arm. So far, the powers of the arm are:

  • Teleportation
  • Dreamwalking
  • Regeneration
  • Soul Control
  • Inorganic Animation
  • Density Control

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