Submarines are the primary method of inter-island travel in The Archipelago.



These subs are presumably common and relatively inexpensive enough.

  • Piranha model: the type of submarine Snow's crew uses in books 1-2
    • They hijack a replacement submarine during book 3
    • The piranha model has high attack capabilities, presumably designed by pirates, for pirates.
  • Penguin model: the submarine model the Luck brothers drive in books 3-6
    • Runs on heart crystal energy
    • Known for its speed and maneuverability
  • Angelfish model
  • Hermit Crab model


These sub models are built primarily for use by the Archipelegan navy

    • Border Guard
      • This is the type of sub Snow's crew hijacks


These subs are possibly unique to each royal.

  • King Mikel Fandango's personal sub, Piskadoradi ("Dora")
    • Not sure about the model--Angelfish, maybe?
  • Prince Paollo's sub
    • Unknown model; sunken and destroyed by Snow

Known SubsEdit


  • It is presumed that royal subs are each unique to the royal who owns the one in question; this would explain the m,any difference between Paollo's and Mikel's.

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