Ruin Island in Chapter 1.

Ruin Island is the home of Credenza and the Burilia family, as well as the witch doctor Jan.


Ruin Island was originally inhabited only by Jan's parents. Some time when he was a child, the island suffered a great forest fire and his parents were killed in it leaving him the sole inhabitant of the island. It wasn't until the Burillia family moved to the island to start their inn some years later that Jan met other humans. 

Credenza washed up on the island not long after and was adopted by the Burillias. Years after that it would occur again with Blitz, an event that would place Credenza into the battle of fate for the Archipelago.

Places of InterestEdit

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  • Ruin Island is directly linked to Jan's spirit, as it was to his mother. If anything happens to one or the other, the other will be affected as well.
  • Ruin Island is one of many small islands in the Archipelago that only receives mail from military boats due to it's obscurity.