Riley Luck
The guy with the weird teeth
Species Half-sharkman, Half-human
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Skin Light
Magic Color Yellow
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Wanderer
Home Island Quillotia
Friends & Family Tuff(brother), Mikel(cousin),
Credenza, Blitz, Raven,
First Appearance Book 2, page 68

Riley Luck, the younger of the were-shark Luck twins by five minutes. Riley is loud, friendly, and easy going. He's content to be almost anywhere, his only real wish being to find a girlfriend.


Born in Quillotia, 

When he met Credenza, Riley and his brother were living on Coin Island.



  • Inhuman Strength - Riley displays strength common among sharkmen, being able to lift objects too heavy for a normal human to life, such as his Jawbreaker sword.
  • Swordsmanship - Riley is very skilled in sword-fighting, specifically with a giant broadsword.
  • Enhanced Senses - Riley has enhanced olfactory senses which his brother seems to lack.



  • Spirit: Koi fish.
    • Along with his brother's spirit, they form a yin-yang like symbol
  • The Luck twins have matching tattoos of the crest of Quillotia. Riley's is on his right upper arm.

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  • Riley, when he attempted to transform, demonstrated what happens when a half-beastman attempts such a thing--bones and muscles in the wrong places, incomplete body parts, etc.--and nearly kills himself due to the strain.


Look! It's like snow, only it's pure evil!

Book 3, Page 80, Panel 2