"I've lost count of the number of times you've gried to bring dangerous, injured beasts here."

Paolin to Credenza.

Paolin Burilia
Little man with big issues
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 32
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Brown
Skin Light
Magic Color Spring Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Innkeeper
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Korus & Vanesse(siblings),
Blitz & Credenza(adopted-siblings)
First Appearance Book 1, page 6

Paolin Burilia is the cranky co-owner of The Talking Skull Inn and eldest of the Burilia siblings. Paolin is Credenza's adopted brother/caretaker and pessimistic voice of reason. He's the owner of Talking Skull Inn.


He moved his small family to Ruin Island 10 years ago to start life running an inn. Soon Credenza washed ashore, and she was adopted by the family.

Paolin was always cautious of Credenza's open heart, as she would commonly bring in injured but dangerous beasts to the inn to heal. Once she was even taken advantage of by a malevolent spirit, forever making Paolin worried for her. So when she brought Blitz to the inn, he was initially against it.

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After Credenza and Blitz went missing, Paolin and his brother Korus set out from Ruin Island to find them. Their search took them all over the Archipelago, until Credenza's mote found them while in Quillotia. Recruited by King Fandango and the demon hunter Willium Drake, they eventually arrived near Penumbra Island where Paolin activated a gate card given to him by Willium, allowing the Quillotian army to enter the battle against The Great Raven.


Paolin is very pessimistic and concerned all the time. He's very uptight and doesn't like irregularity. He is actually very scared of his own abilities, fearing that he may hurt someone if he doesn't constrain himself.


  • Knife Throwing - Paolin is shown to be skilled in knife throwing, a skill he learned to defend his family.
  • Magic Potential - He supposedly has powerful magic potential, but he keeps them restrained with his uptight personality.



  • Spirit: A chained beast.
    • The chains on his spirit are self inflicted, Paolin forces a lot of restraint and high standards on himself out of fear of his temper and magical powers.