"Trust me boy, it's the meddling old men you need to watch out for."

Kroft threatening a were-orca during Book 6.

Kroft Skyfrost
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Age 746
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Skin Light
Magic Color Navy
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Royal Advisor to Castle Fandango
Home Island Quillotia,
Friends & Family King Fandango, Deliza, Pan,
First Appearance Book 6, page 23

Kroft Skyfrost is the royal advisor and captain of the Quillotia city guard for the past few years and a dragon for the past few centuries, like most dragons Kroft knows he can sit wherever he pleases and does so. He has outlived three human wives and is on the lookout for number four.


Both he and his mother were outspoken believers in the Christian God, which was a huge taboo among dragons, since most of them only believe in the worship of themselves. As a result, he and his mother were exiled. He has lived a longtime; even long for a dragon, eventually outliving his mother. He was an ally of Sabastian Fandango when the former king overthrew his own father, who was one of Quillotia's worst tyrants. He played a big part in the revolution, and sort of adopted the King (and eventually his son).


Under construction


  • Draconic form - With the the pendant around his neck, he can transform into a massive dragon.
    • Flight - Like most dragons, he is capable of flight.


  • He has outlived three wives.
  • Blitz Solair has a tendency to act territorial around Kroft, much to the latter's amusement.


  • Spirit: A roaring lion
    • His spirit references his more mammalian dragon form.
  • He was the first dragon to transform fully in the comic.
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While Blitz has this ability as well, he was unable to fully transform without his own trinket.

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