Kor (Yander) Huitzilopochtli
Profile Kor
The hobbit with wings
Species Avian
Gender Male
Age 30
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Magic Color Yellow
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Actor(former)
Home Island Paper Island
Friends & Family Chalchiu Huitzilopochtli(father),
Unnamed Mother,
Anansi, Charlie
First Appearance Book 7, page 25

Kor Yander, aka Kor Huitzilopochtli lives with Charlie and is in love with Anansi. Being an avian he is about half the height of a human.


Kor was born an illegitimate child of Chalchiu Huitzilopochtli and a barmaid. At some point in time, he took an Archipeligan magic test, scoring a D-3.

He later found work on Paper Island as an actor with Vaniji Ralo. He lived above the theater with several birds and Charlie, whom Vaniji gave to Kor to take care of.

Years later, Credenza and her companions arrived ahead of Snow during the Heir hunt and informed Kor of his status as an Heir.


Kor is a very friendly and caring person. Though initially unsure of his role as a Heir, as he came into his powers he  began using them to assist and protect the rest of the group, who he in time considered his friends.


  • Flight: As an Avian, Kor can take flight easily. However, he is better suited for gliding due to his dust-runner genetics, and his ground speed is very impressive.
  • Magic: For most of his life, Kor had minimal abilities in magic, but when he came to terms with his powers and ancestry, he developed his Heir abilities of Soul Channeling and sealing.


  • Chalchiu - Kor's ancestor, and one of the original heirs.
  • (father) - Absent father
  • Vaniji - Employer
  • Charlie/Uru Tan - Pet/Friend
  • Anansi Padma - Friend/Ex-Girlfriend


  • Spirit: A giant bird.
  • His last name is the same as an Aztec deity. Specifically, the hummingbird deity Huitzipoltchi.


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