"All you have to do is give them your death glare and they back off. I wish I was brave like you."

Knull to Lucinda, during Book 9.

Knull Snow
The shrimp with white hair
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair White
Eyes Light Blue/Red
Skin Pale
Magic Color Lavender
Alignment The Raven
Occupation Pirate, Armor Designer(former)
Home Island N/a
Affiliation Captain Snow(uncle),
Kurr, Han, (comrades)
Lucinda(friend, crush), Credenza
First Appearance Book 1, page 59

Knull Snow is Captain Snow's nephew, who he took onto his crew after the Captain killed Knull's family. Knull knows what his uncle and the Raven are up to is wrong, but is too scared to act against them.


Captain Snow’s brother (Knull’s father) escaped Snow by lying low during his first rule, but let his guard down when word spread that Snow was dead. Six years later, Captain Snow found him and killed him and his family, sparing only Knull. Even Knull isn’t sure why Captain Snow didn’t kill him. Possibly it’s their similar appearance, or maybe Captain’s Snow’s selective conscience chose to start working when he was about to kill the young man.


Knull would much prefer to be anywhere else than aboard Captain Snow’s submarine. Knull is an unwilling member of the crew, and though he tries to help Dragonfly's chosen where he can, he is well aware of what Snow would do to him if he actually rebelled.


  • Nullifying Magic - Knull possesses the incredibly rare gift of being able to nullify magic, whether it’s an enchanted item, or a person’s own magical aura.
  • Armor Designing - Before forced to work for Captain Snow, Knull made a living designing armor. Whether he actually can forge is unknown.


  • Spirit: Horse
    • The horse is formed in the same design as his magic.
  • He recites the chant: "Omnasunta brouque vorgo dunte". It helps him stay calm and focused while using magic.
  • All he ever wanted to do in life was raise horses and design armor.
  • When he nullifies The Listing of Names and subsequently turned into a book, his inner thoughts are written on him.

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