"Oh Credenza, what have you gotten yourself into?"

Credenza to herself on multiple occasions

Credenza Black
Credenza black by thesilvertophat-d53avsm
Lady with the big gaudy necklace
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 19,
20(around Chapter 5)
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Skin Light
Magic Color Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation Waitress
Home Island Ruin Island
Friends & Family Blitz(adopted brother), Raven,
Paolin, Korus, Vanesse(adopted-siblings),
Tuff & Riley Luck,
Tin-Can, Alice, Kor, Uru
Kada & Theo(parents, deceased)
First Appearance Book 1, page 2

A former slave turned waitress, Credenza has a habit of collecting and helping strays, be they animal or human. This goodhearted nature gets her involved in the battle between Dragonfly and The Great Raven.


As a young girl, Credenza was separated from her parents, Kada and Theo Black, when her town was raided by Captain Adrian Snow's crew. Kada and Theo were killed, while Credenza was captured. As one of Snow's favorite slaves, she was branded with his family's insignia. The mark, which was burned into her right shoulder, is usually hidden under clothing.

While on Snow's submarine, Credenza befriended the were-whale Uru Tan, who became her friend and brother-figure. Uru looked out for her, often persuading Snow to let him take punishments/torture intended for Crendenza. When the slaves finally made an attempt at escape, an injured Uru gave Crendza his skull wristband and then tossed her overboard, allowing her to get away while he was captured. Consumed by survivor's guilt, Credenza occasionally suffered from nightmares about Uru and Captain Snow. She now wears Uru's wristband as a hair tie.

After escaping the pirates, Credenza apparently washed up on the shore of Ruin Island, where she was taken in and adopted by the Burilia family, three siblings who run the Talking Skull Inn. She worked as a waitress at the inn for the next 10 years, occasionally taking in injured beasts, much to Paolin Burilia's dismay.

On the night at the beginning of our story, she finds a badly wounded man on the beach and takes him to the local witch doctor. The man has no recollection of who he is, and seems to be possessed. Credenza gives him the name Blitz, and the two quickly become friends. This friendship with Blitz--and her interactions with Raven, who possesses Blitz--soon throws the the slave-turned-waitress into the middle of a major conflict between two ancient spirits: The Great Raven and Dragonfly.


Credenza is a kind, helpful person, a leader with a special gift for inspiring confidence and loyalty in others. She cares immensely about doing the right thing and generally tries to find the good in the people she meets. Although she's typically pretty forgiving, Credenza is pretty hard on herself when it comes to the things she feels guilty about.


  • Magic Potential - Credenza possesses a powerful amount of magic, which she only seems capable of accessing when she is wearing the Soul Key.
    • Enhanced Strength - Her gifts have allowed her to punch through iron bars.
    • Energy Manipulation - She has been shown to attack with green magic.
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    • Reality Bending Explosion - She has once been shown to have overloaded the Soul Key, resulting in massive destruction, but also temporarily giving Raven a physical body, permanently separating him from Blitz.
    • Dreamwalking - Credenza has powerful dreamwalking abilities, allowing her to relive past events as real as they were, and entering other people's dreams.
  • Swordsmanship - She can also wield a sword or similar weapons.



  • Spirit: A dragonfly/firefly-like version of herself.
  • In Italian, Credenza's name means "Belief."
    • This was not intentional, but H. L. DeVera found it fitting upon learning.
  • She is one of the only two people alive to bear Snow's brand, the other being Uru Tan.
  • Blitz was originally suppose to be Credenza's brother. This was scrapped before the end of Book 1 though.


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