The Archipelago Comic contains several characters which include but is not limited to:

Main CharactersEdit



Ruin IslandEdit



Coin IslandEdit

  • Wally is someone they try to buy a heart crystal from when they return
  • Captain Vander is part of the town guard that consults Simon in Willium's absence.
  • Private Walf, missing soldier
  • Introduced to:
    • The Luck Brothers

Headside residentsEdit

Hidden IslandEdit

  • Cass works with the Lucks to guard the little ones in the basement
  • Nasardi boards up the doors and windows


  • Mia is one of the little girls with a fever
  • Batgirl there is a bat girl who tries to carry her. She also guides Riley to Tuff
  • Klari finds Riley's sword



The Court:Edit


  • Red (Riley's love interest, lent him some cash) aka Alice Pintur
    • Her brothers: Lio, Hassen, Lewis, Tanner, and Albus.
  • Orvo is an Orca after the Luck twins

Paper IslandEdit

Penumbra IslandEdit


Adrian's schoolmatesEdit

Snow familyEdit

  • Captain Adrian Snow, Knull's father's brother, youngest son of Mrs. Snow, Addy for short.
  • Knull Snow nephew of Adrian who can nullify magic, lets group escape, armorer
  • Mrs. Snow, Adrian's mother
  • Noemi is a 45 year old lady that Adrian falls for in Snowflakes. He hadn't seen her in 8 years. They met 18 years before, when she was 27. They married at some point so she could be called Noemi Snow.
  • Yulalia Snow is their daughter. Yula is around 7-8 years old.





  • Uru, her adoptive older brother on a slave ship, a werewhale
  • Stencer, a fellow slave on the ship, helped to carry Uru
  • Olivia, a woman who sometimes appears in Credenza's dreams

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