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Credenza and the One-Eyed Man


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Credenza and the Prince of the Eastern Continent

The first part of the Archipelago comic. Originally titled "Credenza and the One-Eyed Man."


The comic begins with a man lying unconscious on a beach. As a gull examine's Blitz's finger and attempts to eat it, Credenza smacks it away with a stick before getting down to check on the man, who suddenly grabs Credenza's shirt and rambles out that something's gone wrong and that he "can't feel [his] wings . . ." before passing out.

Credenza takes the unconscious figure to Jan in order to get him looked at. Getting a stretcher, the two carry him to The Talking Skull Inn, where Paolin stands at the door. Paolin complains that the man can't stay there, out of fear of disease or of his being a criminal. Credenza retorts that she couldn't leave him on the beach, to which Pao asks why they were even on the beach in the first place. In general, the innkeeper is worried for the woman's safety, and eventually agrees that the man can stay one night and leave on the next ferry to Coin Island. Jan objects, saying that the man is to weak to leave. Paolin accepts this, and tells Credenza that "as soon as he recovers, he's gone!"

Jan begins stitching up the man's eye, Credenza and Jan chat about the latter's crush on Vanesse, which the latter tries and fails to deny, fearing that Paolin and Korus will kill him. As they talk, the man begins to stir. Jan approaches and tries to comfort him, only for the man to say that the witchdoctor's hands are on fire, bite them, and run off.

Elsewhere, Paolin and Vanessa appear to be having a mirror of Credenza and Jan's conversation, with Paolin contradicting the latter's beliefs, as the nameless man rushes past. Credenza appears as Paolin pulls out a knife. She asks Vanessa where they went, and she directs Credenza toward the kitchen, where the man is hiding behind a highly confused Korus. The two dodge around the larger male for a bit before the former attempts to flee just as the innkeeper asks his name. Paolin flings a knife but the man unleashes a small burst of red magic that causes the weapon to explode offscreen.

Credenza runs into Paolin a moment later, who exploains that the man who shouldn't have been able to move for a few days, was now hiding in the basement. After begging the innkeeper to give him another chance, she heads down to find him huddled into a small space. The man tells Credenza that she's lying when she tells him that she won't hurt him, saying that she will just toss him back in the water. Credenza objects to this, and asks the man his name. He does not remember, exclaiming that all he does recall is dark water, a raven coming and taking most of his memories, and attempting to do the same with his eye. But the man took it first, trapping the raven inside him. He says the raven broke his name, and screamed. It was still screaming. He then restates that Credenza would throw him back in the ocean for lying. She accepts the story, and soon happily names him "Blitz". Blitz is overjoyed at his new name and wraps her in a hug.

Blitz promptly offers to be Credenza's slave out of gratitude, but the woman rejects the offer, bringing up her own experience as a slave, and instead accepts an offer of friendship. Credenza escorts him upstairs to meet the others. Korus offers a cookie, which an impatient Paolin rejects but a cautious Blitz happily accepts.

Later, the man is escorted to a spare room with an eyepatch, where Credenza tells him goodnight and promises the raven won't come back, falling asleep in a nearby chair. Blitz opens his eye, now a blood-red, and approaches her, three talons of magic materializing as he tries to psyche himself up to kill the girl, but finds he can't do it and wonders what's wrong with him. The next morning, Kuros is serving eggs, and asks how Blitz wants them, settling for scrambled when the amnesiac has no clue what eggs ARE at Credenza's request.

Blitz tries them after Paolin informs him that they're so good the first plate is free, and appears to enjoy them a lot, to the point of nearly eating the plate. The innkeeper informs them of incoming customers, and they can't have Blitz wandering around nearly nude.

The day proceeded as normal, with Kuroz teaching Blitz to cook, Vanessa making him some clothes, Credenza interacting with the customers (and occasionally getting chased by Paolin), and Jan feeding some birds. When the customers leave, everyone takes a sigh of relief, with Credenza apologizing to the departing for the burn marks resulting from Blitz's setting the kitchen on fire. Vanessa gives Blitz his new clothes as the Pandorian Captain Syn and his crew arrive, wishing to spend the night. The guests explain that they need two new crew members, with one (the captain's lover) being dead, and the other, revealed to be Blitz (whose name is also revealed to have originally been Anthony), who has just re-emerged onto the scene reveling in his new outfit's shininess, having supposedly killed her and was subsequently shot out of the sub. Aurther, the ship's translator, approached Blitz to confirm it, and soon does. Captain Sym then proceeds to attack Blitz.

Credenza leaps in to his defense, and tries to reason with Sym, but he is inconsolable and knocks her out. Blitz then seizes the dropped sword and attacks, explaining that "the Raven took all the remembers!" At this, the captain calms down and apologizes. After ushering him to bed, Lucas explains that while serving with Sym, Anthony was cold, violent and bitter, and that the only person who actually liked him was Sierra, Sym's lover. However, she was soon found slaughtered by Anthony's sword, with him swearing he didn't do it. In punishment, he was shot out into the depths of the sea, three weeks prior to the present. Paolin then calls lights out and sends everyone to bed.

At midnight that night, Credenza wakes up to a blood-curdling scream of pain from Lucas. Paolin sends Korus to get Jan as Blitz kneels over Lucas' body, which has a knife in it and says that he didn't stab him. The innkeeper shoves him out of the way, and nearly gets bit by the were-whale. Blitz meanwhile repeats that he didn't do it, and that his eye really hurts just as Sym appears, accuses Blitz of the stabbing, and nearly shoots him with a gun. The amnesiac escapes through the window, followed by the enraged captain, and dashes into the woods, much to Credenza's shock. After pulling on a robe, she drills Jan for his location, and goes to find him.

At the statue of the crying girl, Blitz is trying to avoid being shot at, then seemingly out-of-nowhere accuses Sym of being the murderer. He doesn't deny stabbing Lucas, or killing his fiancee, saying that love was worthless. Also out of nowhere, Credenza begins pummeling Sym before darting back into the woods, luring him away. While he's distracted, Blitz begins throwing stones at the Pandorian, and Credenza head-butts him, knocking the captain out. Blitz distractedly states that he somehow knew Sym was the culprit in response to being asked if he was okay.

Suddenly, Credenza gets grazed by Sym's gun, triggering what seems to be a split personality in Blitz as red markings coat his body, summoning a being that calls itself Raven. Raven attacks Sym violently with magic, but stops when Credenza gets back up and grabs him, begging to leave Sym alive. Blitz re-assumes control after a brief conversation with Raven's spirit, and explains that Raven just wants to kill everyone.

When Sym wakes up, he is understandably terrified to see a madly-grinning Blitz staring at him, followed by Credenza seizing and dragging him back to the inn, where Aurther proceeds to cuss him out in at least seven different languages. Off to the side, Credenza, Jan and Vanessa discuss the now ex-captain's justice. Korus points out her lack of a headband, which Blitz promptly returns, and asks if she can really defeat Raven. She denies this, and explains that she's not a hero. Furthermore, Raven can't be all that dangerous if Blitz is all he has.

Miles away in a submarine, Lucinda tells a man that a small resistance has been either crushed or has joined their side. He orders Kurr, Lucinda, and Han to steer them north. The chapter ends with the man stating that "Raven's army is on the move."

Important EventsEdit

  • Credenza meets Blitz.
  • Credenza and Raven interact for the first time, and it becomes clear that Blitz is possessed.
  • Captain Snow and his crew approach Ruin Island.


  • The scene on the beach is actually the first time Raven ever speaks to Credenza. If you look closely at the bottom left panel of page 3, you can see that Blitz's iris is bright red, indicating that Raven is controlling him. As a result, Raven is actually the first character to appear in the comic.
    • ". . . I can't get out! It's not supposed to be like this . . ." probably refers to Raven's possession of Blitz going wrong, and the fact that he is now trapped in Blitz's body.
    • ". . . I think I'm scared . . ." goes along with the fact that Raven, being a raven, has never experienced emotion before and isn't quite sure about what's going on.
    • "I can't . . . I can't feel my wings." Probably due to the fact that Raven is trapped in Blitz's body.
    • Credenza doesn't actually meet Blitz himself until he wakes up at The Talking Skull.