Cassie Matsyendra
Profile Cassie
Species Betatian
Gender Female
Age 18
Hair Light blonde
Eyes Amber
Skin Blue
Magic Color Sky Blue
Alignment The Dragonfly
Occupation N/a
Home Island N/a
Friends & Family N/a
First Appearance N/a



Cassie is a very thoughtful, determined, and caring person. She loves her friends and family very dearly, and though she's generally sweet and friendly, if they're in danger, she'll do whatever she can to protect them. She's strong, but she worries about doing the right thing for what's left of the Solair household, especially Clair.


  • Electric Shock - She can generate an electric charge like an electric eel.
  • Mood Ring - The dark mottling on her tail changes with her emotions, like a cuttlefish.
  • Underwater Breathing - Cassie can shift from gills to lungs and back again, although the change sometimes take a little time.


  • Chesska (Windlost) Solair - Friend/Caretaker and Former Employer
  • Anthony Solair - Friend/Employer
  • Clair Solair - Charge/Daughter-figure
  • Tuff Luck - Boyfriend


  • Spirit: Salamander.
  • Cassie was created by a friend of author.
  • Her blood is blue, not red, so when she blushes her cheeks become a darker shade of blue.

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