Blitz whenever something catches his eye.

Blitz/Anthony Solair
Funny looking boy with one eye
Species Dragon(Pure-blooded Summer)
Gender Male
Age 21(physically)
Hair Black
Eyes Orange
Skin Light
Magic Color Red/Orange
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation N/a
Home Island Dragonlands
Friends & Family Credenza, Paolin,
Korus, Vanesse(adopted-siblings),
Tuff & Riley Luck, Tin-Can,
Cheska, Clair, Spindle
First Appearance Book 1, page 2

Blitz is a mysterious young man who washed up on the shore of Ruin island with amnesia to be rescued/adopted by Credenza. He is very childlike, but is fiercely protective of Credenza. A lesser Raven is trapped in his body at the start of the comic.


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Blitz was originally born as Anthony Solair, a pure-blooded summer dragon from a proud and unforgiving family who valued their magic almost as much as their noble bloodline. When Anthony fell in love with (and married) Chesska Windlost, a tutor and a half-dragon, his family was outraged and threatened to cut him off from the family, effectively stripping him of any power or status that came from being a Solair.

Ultimately, Anthony chose Chesska over his family, and along with a few loyal servants from the Solair household, the two set up a new home on Penumbra Island. They lived there happily for some time, until Chesska died in childbirth, leaving behind a daughter—Clair—and an extremely depressed Anthony. Without the Solair fortune to cover expenses, Anthony was soon forced to join the Navy in order to support his struggling household. Bitter and guilt-stricken, he tended to come across as cold and cruel to his fellow crew members while at sea. He was eventually falsely accused of murdering his captain's wife, shot from the submarine, and nearly drowned.

While he was floating on a piece of wreckage in the ocean, a raven spirit approached him, offering to take away all of his pain and guilt in exchange for his service to the Great Raven. Miserable over how his life had turned out, Anthony consented, and the raven entered his mind and began to destroy his memories. It was only when the raven was about to destroy Anthony's remaining memory of Clair that he fought back, stabbing himself in the eye to prevent the raven from taking total control, an action that also trapped the spirit in his body.

His mind badly fractured by the raven, Anthony was reduced to a childlike state, becoming a completely different person from who he once was. He washed up on the shore of Ruin Island, where he was discovered and rescued by the waitress Credenza Black (although at the time he was possessed by Raven). When she found he could not remember his name or anything from his past, she gave him a new name: Blitz.


As BlitzEdit

Blitz is very childlike, easily distracted by shiny objects. He is sweet, thoughtful, and very protective of those he cares about.

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Occasionally, his dragon traits will surface—subconsciously, as he has no idea he's a dragon—such as when he acts territorial around other dragons.

As Anthony

Anthony's personality however, was slightly different. Before Chesska died, he seemed to be kind, adventurous, and funny, although a little bitter toward his family. After her death, he grew angry, guilt-stricken, and depressed. According to a member of Captain Syn's crew, Anthony was very cruel while serving under the Pandorian.


  • Body swapping - Before their souls separated, Blitz and Raven could swap control over Blitz's body.
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  • Draconic Transformation - Being a full-blooded dragon, Blitz can turn change from his human form into a fairly small dragon via a special trinket.
  • Survival Skills - Anthony was an adventurer, capable of tracking down rare plants and getting himself out of dangerous situations.
  • Musically Talented - He also composed and played his own piano music.



  • Spirit: A laughing dragon.
  • Blitz has a stuffed seranith toy named "Mr. Spindle".
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  • Dragonfly's gift to Blitz was a memory, presumably the knowledge of a spell Chesska; his deceased wife, had invented and taught to him. The spell allows its user to create the manifestation of a dragon out of raw magic.
  • H. L. DeVera has described his relationship with Credenza as "not really a romantic relationship, it's an odd mix of master/pet, sister/brother, mother/son that shifts back and forth".
    • Credenza was originally suppose to be Blitz's. This was scrapped before the end of Book 1 though.
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  • If Captain Snow had known more about the relationships of Credenza's group, Blitz's counterpart in Raven's dreamworld would have been his brother.


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