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This is a wiki made for the purpose of detailing the comic universe in Archipelago by making articles on the characters and events in it. The story is by H. L. DeVera / Hanna DeVera. Warning: everything is a potential spoiler.


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Takes place in the year 1020, Winter, established on pg 351. The story is set in the eponymous Archipelago, which so far includes the following islands:

The BeginningEdit

It's late at night when waitress Credenza Black finds a man washed up on the beach of Ruin Island. She scares off the birds that are starting to gather before stooping to see if he's still alive. The man is a stranger and clearly injured. As she leans in closer, he suddenly reaches out and grabs her. Something's gone wrong, he tells her. It hurts. Make it stop. But just as she's starting to tell him he'll be fine, she'll take him to a doctor, he says something else that startles her.

"I can't . . . I can't feel my wings."

Naturally, she wants to know just exactly who this man is, and soon finds herself caught up in a story that started long before she entered it. Magic, cyborg pirates, demon hunters, beastmen, nuns, questionable cooking, dream-walking, and the fate of the world as everyone knows it are just a few of the things this heroine is going to have to deal with before she's done.

This is where it all begins.

Archipelago: Chapters 1-10Edit

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