Alice Pintur
Three time champion of the Ladies of Quillotia Wrestling Federation and Book Club
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Age
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Skin Light w/Freckles
Magic Color Sea Green
Alignment Dragonfly
Occupation N/a
Home Island Quillotia
Friends & Family Lio, Albus, Hassen, Lewis, & Tanner(brothers)
Riley Tuff(love-interest),
First Appearance Book 6, page 20

Alice Pintur is one of the heirs. She is the only girl in a family of six, with Alice being the third youngest. She sometimes goes by the nickname "Red" because of her red hair. She and Riley Luck fall in love.

She lives in
Quillotia with her brothers.


Under Construction


Under Construction


  • Mass Compression - As the decendant of Grom Pintur, Alice has the magic power to compress her mass giving her multiple advantages.
    • Inhuman Strength - By just compressing a little she becomes strong enough to break rocks with a punch.
    • Near Invulnerability - If she compresses down enough, she can survive the collapse of a portion of Castle Fandango. 
  • Ectoplasmic Plant Manipulation - After her spirit was freed from Captain Snow's mechanical arm it was shown to be able to defend itself with an plant overgrowth like attack.


Under Construction


  • Spirit: A dryad-like being.

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